Mental health crisis: How a new approach to care could help the NHS

“In Home Group, working in a psychologically informed way is one of the fundamental principles of our LIFE support practice model. It is central to how we support our customers in that we seek to understand what has happened in their lives up to that point in order to develop how we support them most effectively.

“Mental health services have historically been based on a medical model where diagnosis is the focal point. Working psychologically helps avoid the stigmatisation and labelling that can arise from a diagnosis driven approach and looks at what has happened rather than what is wrong with individuals.

“Our customers have often experienced trauma and many other difficulties in their lives. Having support teams that understand the impact of trauma, are empathic and supportive of customers regarding such experiences, helps prevents re-traumatisation and leads to much better outcomes for all.”

Interesting article from the National Health Executive website from November 2020 about Home Group who run Beech Range, a mental health step down service providing homes and care for up to eight people over a 12-week period, and is being piloted by Greater Manchester Mental Health Trust (GMMH) to help reduce the need for out of area placements (OAPs).

Beech Range is a Mental Health Step Downservice delivered by Home Group in partnership with Greater Manchester Mental Health Foundation Trust (GMMH). The service was introduced in July 2018 to provide a community based short stay of up to 12-weeks. giving an alternative and less restrictive environment for customers who are medically optimised but not yet able to go home.

The service description says it is a “CQC registered service forms a critical part of the acute care pathway whilst increasing capacity and flow within Manchester’s acute wards and reducing the need for an out of area placement.”

The article claims that as well as improving bed flow and patient outcomes, figures produced by GMMH show that Beech Range has the potential to achieve an annual saving of £1.27m for the NHS in Greater Manchester, compared to the independent sector’s average nightly bed rates, and £738,000 compared to GMMH’s own nightly average.

They say with this pioneering service is proving its value to both commissioners and customers, Home Group are now expanding the model further, both in Greater Manchester and across England, in order to support bed flow in the NHS and reduce the reliance on out of area placements.

See article from the National Health Executive Website here

Any feedback about Beech Range you’d like to share?

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CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

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