The Crisis in Manchester’s Mental Health Services: How do we do it better?

18.30 12th May 2021 Zoom Meeting

A Conversation and Discussion

Mental Health Services in Manchester are being overwhelmed by the level of need.

Can’t get the support you need? It’s time for us to get together and say what’s needed.

As the crisis in community care has increased so have hospital admissions. This is a consequence of a lack of resources combined with resistance to thinking beyond the outmoded medical model of care based around the psychiatric hospital.

The discussion is always about the lack of “beds”. We say we don’t need more beds, we need better community support and care for people in crisis.


Dr Gail Coleman Oluwabusola (Chair)

Paul Baker, CHARM

Anandi Ramamurthy, CHARM

Claire Miller, Unison Representative

Amy Wells, National Survivor User Network

Mary Patel, Family member

Jeff Evans, Mental Health Campaigner

Simon Smith, family member

Come and listen to our speakers and take part in a discussion to identify ways forward.

Let us know you will be attending here

Manchester Crisis in Mental Health Zoom Meeting or join us directly on the night
here (Meeting ID: 876 2857 9841)

There will be plenty of time for questions and points of view. 

We will also be launching our  CHARM Demands (click on link) that you can find on our new website.

This event has been organised by CHARM (Communities For Holistic, Accessible, Rights based Mental Health).  We’ve teamed up with people with lived experience, trade unions, family groups and citizens calling for changes in the way psychiatric services are provided in Manchester. 

See more about us here.

We hope the meeting will be a great opportunity to develop our ideas and approaches.

See you there!

Published by CHARM Greater Manchester

CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

One thought on “The Crisis in Manchester’s Mental Health Services: How do we do it better?

  1. Surely consent is a legal document, so this MH boss, isn’t doing his job ethically nor professionally correct?
    My relative had such ECT treatment, so I know that it’s not something you have done to yourself, without giving it a lot of thought beforehand.
    Infact, the patient will be so low in mood, this should be discussed when they are well, preferably with their close friend or relative beside them.


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