Global Families for Dialogic Approaches (GFDA) Family Survey A request for your assistance

A message from the Global Families for Dialogic Approaches (GFDA), a global group of individuals, family and social network members who have experiences with mental health supports and services. They are asking for your help, either by completing the survey below and/or sharing this survey link with others. They are getting ready to present a session on the perspectives of families at the HOPEnDialogue Research Conference next month, June 21-23 which will be online and free.

“We would appreciate any assistance you can give us in sending this survey out to as many individuals, family members and others who have experienced some type of mental health care. We are interested in learning what services help, what more is needed and if families would be interested in dialogic approaches.”

Open Dialogue is an approach pioneered in Finland that replaces top-down relations between practitioners and people affected by mental health challenges and their families with opportunities for all to be heard as equal experts. The Open Dialogue approach brings together clinicians/therapists/peer specialists and individuals with their families and members of their social network in ways that ensure that all of those present have a voice. Open questions replace one way treatment so that everyones’ voice helps to guide support, care and treatment.

All survey results will be anonymous. If people volunteer to add their emails at the end of the survey we will add you to our mailing GFDA list. 

The deadline for the survey is May 27th, 2021 in order to have time to summarize the results before the conference. 

Here is the link for the survey,

We are working on translating this survey to all languages needed around the world. Please contact us if you have a need or can help us translate to the languages used in your area.

If you have any questions please contact:

The link for the June 21-23 virtual HOPEnDialogue Conference is below. There is no charge for this virtual event. Please join us if you can by registering below: research-collaboration/
Thank you for assisting us in this important work!

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