Adult social care and mental health services to be ‘streamlined’ in Trafford

Agreements have been struck between the NHS and Trafford Council to improve mental health services and care for vulnerable adults across the borough.

One Section 75 partnership agreement has been signed between the local authority and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMHFT). 

Another is due to be signed off between the council and Trafford Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).

Both agreements are aiming to pave the way to better, more streamlined care for residents.

The arrangement for mental health provision in the borough is an update on the current agreement between GMMHFT and Trafford council.

The deal between the council and the CCG for streamlining adult social care is also an updated one and is due to be signed off at Trafford council’s executive meeting on Monday July 26.

It solidifies the adult social care in Trafford under one management system, continues to simplify and improve services in the borough and allows the use of council funding by the CCG and vice versa from a collective funding pot.

Coun Jo Harding, Executive Member for Adult Services, said: “The importance of good mental health is finally being recognised and this agreement makes sure the systems are in place to make sure people can get the right treatment at the right time.

“For the council, a major priority is enabling people to live as independently as possible. This agreement is a key part of delivering on that priority.”

Claire Fraser, head of operations for Trafford Mental Health Services at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “We have welcomed this opportunity to review and renew our partnership with Trafford residents.

“In Trafford there has been and continues to be an unwavering commitment to improve our collective approach to neighbourhood and partnership working, building on some of the excellent work that already exists.

“It has been a constant discussion point for years and some amazing progress has been made in terms of integrated and multi-disciplinary neighbourhood teams and this commitment to Trafford residents ensures mental health care and well-being is connected to the wider health and social care system.

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Source: Manchester Evening News, 22nd July 2021

Published by CHARM Greater Manchester

CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

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