Kind, caring and ‘totally devoted’ dad of three found dead at home

A “popular, fun loving, kind and caring” dad of three who was described as being “totally devoted” to his children took his own life, an inquest heard.

Zowie David Hesford, 38, was discovered dead at his home in Hebden Court in Bolton on July 22 last year.

Bolton Coroner’s Court heard how Zowie had suffered mental health issues for the past three years and had been diagnosed with psychosis but had been making plans for the future at the time of his death.

His brother, Bradley Hesford, said Zowie had been looking for work, had moved into a new flat and started up his social life again, spending time with family and buying a darts board.

He described how Zowie had been looking forward to the easing of lockdown restrictions and being able to see more of his children.

Zowie had two young children with former partner Bernadette Hesford, known as Bernie.

He also had an 18-year-old daughter, Leah, from an earlier relationship.

Giving evidence in the hearing, Bernie described how following the death of his aunt in 2017, Zowie’s mental health began to suffer.

After the couple separated in July 2018, Bernie said Zowie lived with his dad before choosing to live in what was described as a ‘hut’ on Mortfield Fishing lodge in Halliwell.

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Dr Hannah Cappleman, Consultant Psychiatrist for Bolton Early Intervention Service, whose care Zowie was under, said he had taken some advice in relation to benefits and was happy with his living arrangement, despite their concerns.

She said he liked living there, despite having other options, preferred to just be in his own company and did not want to be around other people.

Despite this, the court heard how Zowie loved having face time conversations with his children as well as seeing as much of them as he could in person.

Occupational therapist Rory Bradshaw described how Zowie’s mood had been flat for three years but said: “He really, really valued these conversations.”

The court heard how Zowie eventually moved to a flat at Hebden Court but, after receiving no response to texts from his children on July 22, Bernie and Leah went to this address to check on him.

When they got no response, Bernie says she took Leah home before returning and noticing Zowie’s phone, wallet and keys in the front room. She contacted the early intervention team who contacted the police.

His body was then found by his family in the utility room.

HM Area Coroner Professor Dr Walsh said a post mortem had shown Zowie to not be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of his death and there was no evidence of a third party intervention.

He gave a conclusion of suicide.

He said: “Zowie was passionate, popular, fun loving and caring.

“He was devoted to his children.

“He had had some mental health problems because of his aunt and the break up of his relationship.

“Sadly relationships end – some people can cope and others can’t.

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Source: Manchester Evening News, 9th August 2021

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