Hospitals ask for hundreds of millions from government to build mental health ‘super centres’ in Manchester

NHS bosses are asking for more than £200m to build ‘two world class mental health super centres’ in Bury and South Manchester.

Pennine Care NHS Foundation Trust is bidding for £220m in government funding to build a mental health centre on the Fairfield General Hospital site in Bury, and a second centre in either Stockport or Tameside

The Stockport or Tameside location will be known as the ‘South Manchester campus’, says the trust, making up £130m of the funding.

The Bury centre accounts for the other £90m of the sum – and could involve purchasing ‘around two acres of land’.

Together, the two centres would bring ‘lots of different services into world class, modern facilities’, according to the healthcare group.

In a statement shared this week, the trust said: “We have submitted funding bids totalling £220m to the government to build two world class mental health super centres.

“We’ve requested £130m to build a centre in Stockport or Tameside (location to be confirmed); this will be known as the South Manchester campus.

“We’ve also submitted a £90m bid to build a new centre on the site of Bury’s Fairfield Hospital. This would involve potentially purchasing around two acres of land from the Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust and making use of buildings they no longer require.

“The new centres would allow us to bring together lots of different services into world class, modern facilities.

“The government has committed to build 40 new facilities as part of their £3.7bn health infrastructure plan (also known as the new hospitals programme). They’ve already approved 32 schemes and are accepting bids for the final eight.

“We expect to be competing against a large number of bids from across the country (including Stepping Hill’s £500m bid for a new hospital). We are hopeful our schemes will be chosen, as they support our ambition to develop new facilities to benefit patients and staff.”

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Source: Manchester Evening News, 7th October 2021

Published by CHARM Greater Manchester

CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

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