The Edenfield Centre: MP criticises mental health unit bosses over abuse

An MP has condemned the “horrific” treatment of patients at one of the UK’s largest mental health hospitals.

BBC Panorama investigation found a “toxic culture of humiliation, verbal abuse and bullying” at the Edenfield Centre in Prestwich near Manchester. 

Bury South MP Christian Wakeford said it showed a “failure of leadership” at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust (GMMH).

Hospital bosses said they took immediate action to protect patients. 

An undercover BBC reporter filmed staff using restraint inappropriately and patients enduring long seclusions.

Mr Wakeford said: “To put it very simply, it’s absolutely horrific. 

“The allegations that have been coming from patients, who are arguably the most vulnerable in society with learning difficulties, with mental health issues, being treated without respect, without professionalism, without care is deeply distressing and disturbing.”

Undercover footage of Harley being restrained
Image caption, Experts criticised the use of restraint on patients such as Harley, who gave her consent to be identified

He called for a fully independent review into what happened. 

“We owe it not only to the patients but to their families to understand how long it’s been going on for, how many patients have been affected and just how deep this goes,” he said. 

“I fear it’s not just a culture of behaviour, but a failure of leadership as well.”

Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burnham described the footage as “appalling” and “highly distressing”.

He also called for an independent review “to get the full truth as to how this could have ever happened”.

“These are scenes that you would never want to see anywhere in this country,” he added. 

Following the airing of the BBC Panorama programme, Greater Manchester Police said it had opened a criminal investigation into the behaviour of staff. 

A GMMH spokeswoman said: “We are taking these allegations very seriously and have put in place immediate actions to protect patient safety since BBC Panorama raised these issues with us earlier this month.

“Senior doctors at the trust have undertaken clinical reviews of the patients affected, we have suspended a number of staff pending further investigations and we have also commissioned an independent clinical review of the services provided at the Edenfield Centre.”

Edenfield Centre
Image caption, The secure unit is intended to care for people at risk of harming themselves and others

In a letter to staff seen by the BBC, sent prior to the Panorama broadcast, the trust’s chief executive Neil Thwaite said immediate steps had been taken to ensure patient safety.

“The NHS is facing unprecedented demand for mental health services, but we are absolutely clear that our principal priority is the proper care and treatment of our patients,” he added. 

“We owe it to our patients, their carers, the public and our staff that these allegations are fully investigated to ensure we provide the best care, every day, for all the communities we serve.”

The BBC has also seen a letter sent by Unison to its members ahead of the broadcast.

Lyndsey Marchant, regional officer, said the behaviour shown in the programme was not reflective of the majority of workers. 

“Unison continues to raise with the trust, wider issues that may have contributed to the culture shown on BBC Panorama, including issues around staffing levels, reduced numbers of registered staff, of experienced staff, not just in in-patient wards,” she added. 

Campaign group CHARM protest
Image caption, Campaigners gathered outside Manchester Central Library

Campaign group CHARM held a “solidarity” vigil outside Manchester Central Library earlier for all those affected. 

Dozens of health campaigners, service users and some current and former NHS staff attended the vigil in the city centre.

Speakers at the event reiterated calls for an independent inquiry into the facility, and for accountability from its management.

Full story here

Source: BBC News, 29th September 2022

Published by CHARM Greater Manchester

CHARM, the Community for Holistic, Accessible, Rights Based Mental Health was launched by The Organic Recovery Learning Community in September 2020.

2 thoughts on “The Edenfield Centre: MP criticises mental health unit bosses over abuse

  1. I just wanted you to know why I resgined after working at Edenfeild Prestwich.
    At Hayswater ward as well Loweswater ward.

    I was employed as womens support worker.
    Yet. My compassion and emphathy has always been working with vunrable women.
    I was not a quilified nurse. I was a quilified counsellor teacher and holistic therapipist. As well as elected governor for MMH NHS. I have wide knoweldge and experince in working with women. I have always loved my job as a support worker to aid recovery.
    However being on ground floor on bottom. I can informe you. My own reflection on why the abuse has been happening.
    Firstly. Thier was never any supervision on the wards. From the nurses. It was about who on duty today. Do we have the staff.I was bullied for speaking out.
    No staff on ward. I also chellenged the nurseing team on many occiassions on treatment to thier paitients. I became a targit. Even control me. Or get rid of her.
    I still work in mental health. What I love recovery. But Preswitch is not only place needs be invitagated. Care homes.
    Mangement money. Abuse to most vunrable in societey
    Anyway. I resignied from Prestwitch after I was builled. Lost all Trust. With flying monkeys.

    I watched the BBC Programe on Wednsday & it really upset me. Brought me back how frustrated I became. Not to be to my job to care for women who suffering mental ill health in the best way I can.

    Firstly I worked along many fantastic staff. Who had compassion understandung & knowedge in area. Would always give thier best to women. But were very few. We were mainly the support staff.

    Firstly thier was no supervision givin on monthly basis.
    Second many newly quilified nurses became bullys on ward. Due lack of experince power and just a job before moveing on. Thier was a mob of family and friends in management.
    Many were just thier for money.
    Especially night shifts and support staff who were lazy as they were paid double. Would sleep on duty.
    When I chellenged these lazy staff. I became a targit.
    Me & my friend nursed one young women who experinced horrible ptsd.However the staff and nurses would giggle laugh at her. It was disgusting.

    She would attack staff. But she was scared frightend. She was in hayswater seculsion for over 2 to 3 years while I worked. I really liked her.She always stays in my heart never attacked me.
    When I was transfered after working on Hayswatet for2 years. Within the 8 weeks she accicdentilly died swolleing tablets.

    I have worked in mental health over 25 years. I still wounder why half these people get jobs. Where is compassion.
    I hope this helps.
    Check supervision files. All the staff. It will tell you a lot. Why wards and staff not mainting duty of care.

    Julianne Simpson died after choking at the centre in 2017

    Relatives of a woman who died at a mental health unit where a culture of abuse and mistreatment was uncovered say they have been left “reeling with anger


  2. Hi, Makes me laugh that when a undercover invistgation is out. The so called care homes. Put in a statment.
    Ie. Creavtive Support.Everyone working in the NHS and social care must be kind, empathetic and committed to upholding human rights, preventing and reporting abuse and protecting vulnerable people, otherwise we will see continuing instances of degrading treatment and systematic abuse.

    As ex employer. I was subjected to abuse from managment.

    Again I chellenged the mangment and handed my notice. You need to only reed the reports on glassdoor on treatment of thier staff. Disquesting.
    Again many mangment our in making money from vunrable adults.
    With care staff that do care.
    But get paid crap wages.
    Abused for talking out.
    If mangment cant look after thoer staff with kindnesd compassion and valued.
    Whete does this leave the sevice users.

    Liked by 1 person

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