Greater Manchester mental health trust where patients were ‘bullied and mocked’ told to make widespread changes

A watchdog finds serious problems at the trust – which has now been given an enforcement warning and a deadline to make reforms. One woman tells Sky News her daughter was “let down” and couldn’t get help when she had a breakdown.

ne of the biggest NHS mental health services has been told it must make “widespread reforms” after some staff were filmed allegedly abusing patients on mental health wards.

A Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection of services at Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust found “serious” safety issues on some acute and secure mental health wards.

Among its findings, the regulator revealed that “services were not always caring”, that there were not enough properly-trained staff, and that there were “significant concerns” about patients’ sexual safety on mixed-sex wards.

Community-based mental health care for adults was also deemed to require improvement.

The regulator has now issued an enforcement warning to the trust and a deadline for improvements to be made.

Helen, not her real name, told Sky News her adult daughter had been “let down” by the trust after having a psychotic breakdown.

She said her daughter tried to kill herself but that it was a “fight” to get any help.

Full story here

Source: Sky News, 24th November 2022

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