Greater Manchester Families and Friends For Recovery Network

Families For Recovery Network

We are a Family and Friends Support for Recovery Group established in 2019

We are a non-clinical social group where we can share our experiences confidentially and without judgment.

We are committed to changing the way mental health services in Greater Manchester provide for people who are in crisis.

We are free, in particular, to talk about our efforts to be present for and sustain supportive relationships with family members and loved ones who have suffered mental distress. This may include hearing voices, seeing visions, or having other non-consensus experiences and beliefs.

The focus is on ourselves and the challenges we face in supporting our family member

The group is still new, and we are figuring things out as we go.

At present we support each other through challenges that arise from dealing with services.

We meet together online every fortnight and we have a Signal group. If you would like to join us contact us here

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