GMMHT Electroconvulsive Therapy Service

This is what GMMHT say about their planned ECT service at the new Park House Psychiatric Hospital

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) is an essential intervention for some service users who attend treatment from both the inpatient wards and community settings. ECT can be a life-saving treatment for some and is the definitive treatment for catatonia of any cause and life-threatening depression. ECT is used in approximately a million people per year globally, in every advanced health system.

The possibility of receiving ECT can be frightening, and service users should receive information on the pros and cons of this treatment, and have the opportunity to discuss these in full with the clinical team.

ECT is regulated in the United Kingdom by NICE (with respect to indications) and the RCPsych’s ECT Accreditation Service (with respect to implementation). As well as 3-yearly audit and peer review by ECTAS, the service is subject to annual internal audit. The ECT service comprises a multidisciplinary team led by a consultant with a special interest in ECT, and includes anaesthetists, nurses and operating department practitioners (ODPs) from North Manchester General Hospital. All staff have a special interest in ECT and attend regular national courses and conferences both as delegates and trainers.

For ECTAS accreditation, the service must be provided in a dedicated suite which must meet recommended patient-centred and safety and dignity-focused environmental and procedural standards. Treatment occurs twice per week in line with NICE guidance. As people receiving ECT must fast before each treatment, treatment occurs in the morning. Treatment is provided in conjunction with the referring team, who receive advice on medical fitness, frequency and duration of treatment, medication, indications, side effects and prognosis from the ECT MDT.

This is the full description of the ECT Service taken from the Clinical Model for Inpatient Care document (pages 26/27)

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