Mens Well-being Group

A space for men to form community together 

Every Tuesday from 12.00pm

We have been meeting weekly since September 2020

  • We are an open Peer Support Group
  • We are a space for men to form community together
  • We seek to elevate each other through our struggles
  • We are there for each other, forming friendships that continue outside of the group
  • We share knowledge and experiences, friendship and trust
  • An opportunity to express ourselves as individuals, our perspectives and realities
  • We use creativity as an outlet for our emotions which enables us to express ourselves including Art, Music, Spoken Word, drumming/
  • We also have weekly check ins.

Past activities have included: Cycling / BBQ Fire pit / Drum Circle / Walks / Football in Alex Park / art session in Chorlton Water Park / Improvisation workshops

We Meet at the Carlton Club, Carlton Road, Whalley Range and at Niamos, Hulme

From 12.00 on Tuesdays

Currently about 15 men growing in membership every week. Diverse in cultural identities and age (19 to 77) inclusive with members including autistic people and people with emotional/ mental health issues.

Contact Paul Baker at

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