The Edenfield Centre: Bereaved family ‘reeling with anger’ at abuse

Relatives of a woman who died at a mental health unit where a culture of abuse and mistreatment was uncovered say they have been left “reeling with anger”.

A BBC investigation found evidence of routine humiliation and bullying at the Edenfield Centre in Manchester. 

Hospital bosses said they took immediate action to protect patients. 

But the sisters of one patient, who died in 2017, said they had “little confidence” improvements would be made. 

Greater Manchester Police has opened a criminal investigation into the behaviour of staff.

Julianne Simpson died at the centre, near Prestwich, after choking on a pot which contained her medication.

An inquest found although her death was accidental there had not been an adequate risk assessment. 

Following the Panorama investigation, sisters Mary and Charmaine Taylor have said they are now reassessing how Julianne was treated. 

Charmaine, 28, who lives in Wythenshawe, said: “Watching the programme sent some horrible feelings through my mind and body. I was reeling with anger and betrayal. 

“It’s hard to get my head around it, knowing Julianne lived in that place.”

The programme exposed how patients were kept for long periods in seclusion, something Julianne also had to endure. 

Full story here

Source: BBC News, 1st October 2022

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